About Me

I am a high school student in New Jersey with a passion for computers. If something has anything to do with a computer, you can bet on me being interested in it.

I currently offer web design services to people in my local area, for more information on that click here. I also write software for fun. You can check out some of the stuff I have written on my GitHub.

Things I've Made

TopTutors Website

The TopTutors, LLC Website was designed and put together by me using WordPress as its base since it provides a user-friendly base. The website is a constant work in progress as it expands with their business and is expanded whenever is most convenient for the company's owner. The goal was to create a website with function, looks and maintainability all in mind.

Custom Bukkit Plugins

When I was younger, I was an avid Minecraft player, but my computer at the time I started playing only had a touchpad. Because of this, I never got good at the standard aspects of the game. This caused me to learn the administrative portion of running a server for the game, and learning to develop custom software plugins for it.

My Services

Web Design and Development

I will help you take your project from your mind's eye and turn it into an actual website for your business. I will also guide you through the complicated process of setting up web servers, DNS options, SSL certificates.

Custom Bukkit Plugins

I will help turn your project from an idea to a reality. I currently only offer services for simple plugins that do not require NMS as maintaining plugins with NMS requires a lot of extra time that I fear I will not be able to offer at all time.

Since I am still a student I only am able to offer services in my free time and during the summer. In order to keep a healthy schedule, I will only be offering two services at the moment, with a priority on web design and development.

Custom Software Solutions

Due to the complicated nature that my neighborhood swim club operates under, they require custom software to allow them to manage their snack bar and other inventory. In order to meet this demand, I designed custom software that handles this for them.