About Me

I am a high school student in New Jersey with a passion for computers. If something has anything to do with a computer, you can bet on me being interested in it.

I currently offer web design services to people in my local area, for more information on that click here. I also write software for fun. You can check out some of the stuff I have written on my GitHub.

Things I’ve Made

TopTutors Website

The TopTutors, LLC Website was designed and put together by me using WordPress as its base since it provides a user-friendly base. The website is a constant work in progress as it expands with their business and is expanded whenever is most convenient for the company’s owner. The goal was to create a website with function, looks and maintainability all in mind.


With backing from Barclay Farm Swim Club I created PoolMMS, a beta pool membership management system designed to work with almost any billing/registration backend, including but not limited to TeamUnify. PoolMMS includes innovative features such as Apple Wallet integration and analytics.

Custom Software Solutions

Throughout my software development experience I frequently find software that is close to what I need, but not entirely Using inspiration from existing solutions I have created multiple different custom implementations to improve efficency for myself and others.

My Services

Web Design and Development

I will help you take your project from your mind’s eye and turn it into an actual website for your business. I will also guide you through the complicated process of setting up web servers, DNS options, SSL certificates.

Custom Bukkit Plugins

I will help turn your project from an idea to a reality. I currently only offer services for simple plugins that do not require NMS as maintaining plugins with NMS requires a lot of extra time that I fear I will not be able to offer at all time.

Since I am still a student I only am able to offer services in my free time and during the summer. In order to keep a healthy schedule, I will only be offering two services at the moment, with a priority on web design and development.